Ja Morant Should Thank Me If He Wins Rookie Of The Year

Hey, I was just stating what I watched during a game of basketball. I saw how he played and somebody had to call him out for what he was doing. If you have listened to me talk ever you know how I feel about Ja Morant and the game of basketball. Only an idiot would think he is really bad but he played really bad tonight. 

Now whenever he has a good game he will be thinking of these tweets and say fuck this guy. I am just here to get people better, just simply a motivator. Now this tweet I just can't stand for. (Sorry for the formatting I cannot figure it out. 

Nurkic!? I know Ja is a top player but I can't stand for this. I was a florist at Home Depot, Worked for Counterterrorism and currently a professional baseball player with a bird. Even though I think Portland is starting the wrong center i don't have time to deal ith Murkics shit right now. I am trying to keep a young talented player grounded and humble to get him into the Hall of Fame one day. I can see it now, Ja Morant is giving his speech in Springfield Mass thanking Marty Mush for the motivation.