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In case you missed it, Cy Young winner, baseball savant and current White Sox broadcaster hates my guts. You can get caught up on this mini-saga by reading the blog I wrote here. Anyways, I was pretty much done with the whole thing by the time the afternoon rolled around because the No Fun Police came and tried to give Stone Pony ammo to #MeToo me or some shit and I didn't feel like dealing with that so just planned on letting it die. 

Then Jason Benetti, who's become a true star in the biz, splashed a lil fuel in the fire:

To which I @'d him with this... 

…and to which he said this in the middle of the broadcast: 

Did I think I'd have an internet/TV beef with someone I idolized tonight? Nope. But a commenter said it best this morning after a bunch of you made fun of my weight and ability to chew gum; I'm just a simple man trying to navigate a complex world. Hopefully Jason can help mend these fences. Knowing I am on the verge of putting Stone Pony on my banned list is killing my soul.