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Ja Morant BURIES Idiot Twitter User With Both Grace And Aplomb


And then

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Love to see that kind of fire out of a young guy coming off a tough loss. There's a lot of olds out there who think: just let it go, let the haters chirp, don't give them the attention they so desperately crave. But I disagree. Point 'em out. Tell them that you see them. Remember, Ja Morant grew up with his biggest hater in his face every single day of his life. This is nothing new to him. 

So surely some Twitter-using, bird-owning yahoo saying that the number two pick in the most recent draft and the front runner to lock up Rookie of the Year is small potatoes for Ja. And he treated squints Marty Mush as such. Squashed him like a bug and moved on with his day. If I'm a Grizzlies fan I'm more than comfortable knowing my franchise is in this man's hands. 

PS - It was all fun and games when it was Mush v. Ja. Now that Big Nurkic has thrown his hat into the ring I legitimately fear for Mush's life.