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The Pistons - As In The NBA's 3-Time Champion Detroit Pistons - Are Now Inviting J. Cole To Try Out For The Team Because Of Twitter

I feel like I'm taking insane pills here. J. Cole is a fine pick up league player and sure it's a name and sure it's going to go viral, but you're talking a 35-year old that didn't play college hoops! J. Cole went to St. John's! He didn't get run there. I don't care if he claims he gave up a chance to play to focus on his rap career, he didn't get run! 

Just because he's a big time rapper and has Master P saying he wants to get a try out, he's getting some action? Well guess what? I'm training for the NBA too. I'm two years younger than J. Cole so right off the bat that gives me a leg up. Granted I don't play at Lifetime and play in an old CYO gym, that's where real pickup is played anyways. 

I've actually bitched about J. Cole playing hoops before, so this anger isn't new. 

People lost their shit over this video and this is one going around again with Master P saying J. Cole is training for the NBA. Everyone seems to be losing their shit about J. Cole shooting uncontested corner 3s. Well I'm not, Doug! 

And if you're a Pistons fan, I'm upset. This just reeks of desperation. Oh we're not in the bubble. Oh we have a Blake of the Year. Oh we have been pretty irrelevant for the entire last decade. Here's a J. Cole jersey and an invite to come try out for the team. This isn't high school ball. We're talking about the goddamn NBA here.