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Doris Burke Clowned Her Ex-Husband On National TV Because Doris Burke Is A Goddamn Legend

The fact this is happening as Ja Morant catches a knee to the nuts makes it that much better. It's not lost on me how much funnier it is that this is going on. But you know what? Doris can do whatever she wants, she's awesome. She's legit one of the best analysts in the game. She'll cross your ass up. She'll get hit on by Drake. Remember her mixtape that dropped? 

And listen is this fairly innocent? Sure, until you think of Doris Burke's ex-husband sitting on his couch tuning into Ja vs Zion and catches that shot. That's a man that has to be so pissed knowing that Doris is cracking jokes as Mark Jones has that awkward silence. That's something that Doris bottled up for years and waited for the perfect opportunity to drop that line. This has gotta hurt her ex more than the kiss with Drake:

Doris Burke, goddamn legend: