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I Got Weirdly Sad Seeing The 49ers Signed Jordan Reed


I never want to tell someone else how to live their life. But seeing the Niners signed Jordan Reed kinda brought me down. Not because I don't want him to earn a living, but because it just made me feel sorta gross. We all know Reed's injury and concussion history. It's bad. No, it's TERRIBLE. I've blogged about it quite a few times, and I begin to wonder after 7 documented concussions, which could mean 10+ in reality, if the NFL has the responsibility to step in and decide a player cannot play in the league anymore. At some point do they have to say "hey Jordan Reed, we know you love football, but we cannot allow you with your brain to take this sort of risk."? I believe they..I believe they do. 

Because then you run into this. The Niners give Jordan Reed the minimum and it's a lose-lose for him. He either stays healthy and makes the minimum, or he plays 3 games, suffers another concussion, and makes the minimum to have his 8th concussion. When does it become not worth it? I think it's right about now. It just ain't worth it. We know what happens to guys who get 8 concussions. It's documented. Will Smith was in the movie, no less. But Jordan Reed wants to play so badly he is willing to take that risk. And that brings me back to the entire battle I'm having about it- if he wants to play, is it anyone's right to step in and stop him? I full believe people can do what they want, but this just seems kinda shitty.

I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I don't think I am. I would just hate him to have no memory by the age of 44 because he decided to take this deal with the Niners. Especially after his last concussion he was still in concussion protocol 6 MONTHS later.



It's fucking awful, man. Hoping for the best for him, but I hate this.