Top 5 Tastiest NBA Wives And Their Corresponding Cereal

So obviously by now everyone knows that last night KG and Melo got in a fight because KG allegedly said Melo’s wife Lala tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios. Well obviously I have to rank my top 5 favorite NBA wives/girlfriends and  their corresponding cereal. That’s what makes Barstool, Barstool. Giving you the lists you need even though you didn’t know you needed them.


5. Lindsay Davis/Lucky Charms (Omer Asik’s Girlfriend)

Just getting a real Lucky Charms vibe from Lindsay Davis. Maybe a touch too much makeup/sugar but I would eat a whole box (see what I did there?) in 1.4 seconds. Such a treat. Mmmmm!


4.Brandi Garnett/Coco Krispies  (KG’s Wife)

Only fair that we put KG’s wife in here since he was the reason for this entire post/fad. And just so we’re clear, I didn’t pick Cocoa Krispies because I think Brandi Garnett tastes like chocolate, I did it because she’s black.




3. Meghan Allen/Corn Pops  (Devin Harris’s Girlfriend)

Hey Big Cat, that was so racist bro. You just called Brandi Garnett a cocoa krispy. First of all, no it wasn’t, it was a joke, and second, racism goes both ways, that’s why Meghan Allen is Corn Pops. Chick looks exactly like a Corn Pop.


2. Whitney Wonnacot/Cheerios (Wife of Jimmer Fredette)

Cheerios. Too easy. She’s totally Cheerios.



1. Adriana Lima/Kashi (Wife of Marko Jaric)

Adriana Lima is more Kashi than Jimmer’s wife is Cheerios, that’s how Kashi she is. Exotic cereal for an exotic woman.





1,254. Khloe Kardashian/Gruel