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What Are The 10 Best Animated Movies Of All Time?

On today's episode of LCB, we brought on the Mick Man to talk about animated movies since he is a connoisseur of cartoons. We debated the one-sided matchup of Antz vs A Bug's life, and also ranked the top 10 best animated movies ever. My personal list was as follows:

10. The Incredibles - To this date it remains the only DVD I personally own. Beyond bringing a fresh take on some older superhero concepts, it has an outstanding voice cast, great animation and a killer soundtrack. 

9. Finding Nemo - You'd be hard pressed to find many father-son tales that are better than this one.

8. Moana - Getting a song out of the Rock that was not only passable, but pretty damn good, is reason enough to get it in my top ten. Auli'i Cravalho puts on a clinic and there is such an amazingly vibrant style to the way it was made that still blows me away.

7. My Neighbor Totoro - This is where I'm going to dip into the Studio G stuff and probably lose some of you guys, but I STRONGLY recommend you guys check out their catalogue if you are a HBO Max subscriber. Miyazaki is a master of integrating small scopes with his huge imagination, and it doesn't get much better than in MNT. 

6. The Iron Giant - I must have watched this movie a million times as a kid and liked it more and more each time. There is the classic themes of humans hating what they don't understand and a kid with a simple friend from outer space, great voice roles from Shooter McGavin, Aniston and Diesel (lol), and a cool animation style that somehow perfectly fit the 50's look. Also, you're a fucking psycho if this scene didn't make you tear up as a kid.

5. Princess Mononoke - Like other Studio G projects, it's simply incredible to look at. The animation is so colorful and fluid, which helps get you into the spiritual setting much easier. It also tells the classic anti-modernization and anti-greed message that Miyazaki loves very subtly, which is a lost art these days. And, like Trillballins said, the movie does a great job with grey characters. 

4. The Lion King - Like Coley said on the pod, this movie is MJ. 

3. Toy Story - I'm not nearly smart enough to do the case study on this, but I'd love to see how many computer animated movies wouldn't have been greenlit if it wasn't for the insane success of Toy Story. 

2. Spirited Away - It's a perfect movie and I won't hear any slander otherwise. It's a fantastic watch no matter the age of the viewer, an incredible childhood story about moving away and (Like all Miyazaki joints, sorry for sounding like a broken record) it's straight up beautiful. A smokeshow of the day. Am I using the term right?

1.  Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - I talk a little bit about it on the pod, but I remember being skeptical when this movie was coming out. In my brain, it was non-MCU avenger movie that wasn't live-action. As much as I like animated superhero shows, I just wasn't looking forward to that in a movie. Plus, it was coming out a few months after Infinity War alongside Aquaman. To me, it seemed like this was the moment superhero fatigue was going to hit, and I've never been happier to be wrong. It broke every mold of the genre and was one of the most unique, energetic and enrapturing movies I've ever seen. It's got humor, heart, action, fantastic voice acting, and such a tight and flawless runtime that it's hard to find so much as a single flaw. And man, what a soundtrack. 

Anyway, enough from me. vote for what you think the 10 best animated movies are below. This list comes from the RT top 100, so if you have a problem with something not being included, take it up with them. After you submit your vote, click "see previous results" to see how your fellow stoolies voted. (Click HERE to go straight to the form)