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More Definitive Proof That All Goalies Are Out Of Their Goddamn Mind

The most important part of this routine? Hank let up 3 goals on Saturday and has given up another 3 so far today. Goalies are all creatures of habit and there's no habit I appreciate more than Hank getting lit up in the playoffs. 

But yeah. All goalies are freaks. Even the ones like Lundqvist who seem like they're actually super normal dudes. Handsome as could be, relatively reserved personality at least in the media, just the type of guy who seems like he'd be a genuine joy to be around. But even the most normal goalie on the planet is still out of their damn mind compared to actual normal human beings. This was stride for stride, stretch for stretch, stick tap for stick tap, shot for shot. A serial killer level of attention to detail here on that routine. And again, adding those 3 goals against just goes to show that goalies are addicted to their rituals. I'm sure Hank knows he probably shouldn't get sniped this hard by Svechnikov but he has no other choice, it's officially part of his routine now.