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These Are The Best 1st Day of School Shoes

First day back to school (normally) is a huge flex day. 

You're for the most part tanner than you usually are. You haven't seen most of your classmates in a couple months and you never know which girl is going to come back with a glow up from summer break. 

You gotta look good, and nothing besides maybe a fucked up haircut stands out more on the first day back than what kicks you're rocking. 

There's a lot of options. The latest LeBron's could be good. But you can never go wrong with the all white Nike Air Force 1's. 

"But what about lowtop? You're still wearing shorts at this point, right?" 

Wrong. At least for me. I had to wear a uniform in school. A uniform that included khaki pants. That and to me the high tops are not only cooler, but they have a longer shelf life. 

Think about it. 

Before you know it, it's going to be fall and you'll want to start wearing jeans, khakis, sweats anyways. Add that to the ensuing winter months and you gotta go with high tops. 

"But they get dirty so easily!"

Sure, that's true with any new shoe. Even if they're all black sneakers all it takes is one false step in the grass after a rainy summer day and they're splattered with mud forever. 

The all-white shines so brightly the first day back from summer break walking through the hallways glowing off your once-a-year tan. These are timeless. Even when they eventually do get scuffed, creased, and a little dirty, they still look almost even cooler with a little added character as you walk into class the week of Halloween. 

Not to mention these are some of the most affordable cool shoes out there. The latest LeBron's will run your mom well over $140 and that's just not going to fly. 

That's why you start with the high ask of the LeBron's, Kobe's, etc, then eventually land on the cheaper shoe, the shoe you were always cool with, the shoe you were aiming for in the first place. 

The $90 Air Force 1's.