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Zion Hates Being On A Minute Restriction, Hopes It Changes But Wants Everyone To Know He's Totally Not Complaining About It

No! Start complaining Zion! You're the main reason the NBA went with 22 teams in the bubble and yet we're stuck watching you on a minute restriction. No one wants that. We actually do want to watch you play. Stop saying shit is good and tell David Griffin that you want to play more. That you're there to make the playoffs and say how much you disagree with the minutes restriction. I know Zion is a quiet dude, but come on. Just say you want to play another 5-10 minutes per game. What are they going to do? Say no. They have to keep you happy! They are the Pelicans - see: Davis, Anthony. 

The more this happens the more hilarious the decision to go to 22 teams is. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the day time games and extra hoops, but this was all to get Zion more exposure and capitalize on the names - him, Dame, etc on the outside of the top-8 in the Western Conference. Meanwhile the Spurs just keep winning and seem to be the team that's going to end up in the play-in game vs the 8 seed. How pissed is the NBA going to be when it's DeMar DeRozan vs LeBron instead of Zion or Dame? 

I get minutes restrictions. You have to worry about the long term health for your No. 1 overall pick. But you're fighting for a playoff spot! Feel like that's the one time you can extend minutes a bit, especially if the guy wants to play more. What's the point of even having Zion there if you're just limiting everything he does?