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Splash Mountain's Newest Feature At Disney World: A Boat That Sinks While You Are Sitting In The Ride!

Did Disney do it again or did Disney do it again? I thought The Mouse turning century-old fairy tales into cartoons that net billions of dollars was impressive. But rebooting the log flume into a more thrilling ride than any roller coaster is true innovation. Don't get me wrong, Splash Mountain was a fine ride beforehand, even if it was clearly the worst of the Big 3 Mountains in Disney (Space #1, Thunder #2 obviously). You'd float around, watch a bunch of characters you never heard of tell a story, go through a few fake big drops, then take the plunge before getting cleaned out by either by the giant splash of water or the person charging $20 pictures of you acting like a goofy asshole during your fall.

Splash Mountain 2.0 seems much more entertaining however. Being forced to sit through a ten minute ride for one very brief climax sounds like a nightmare whether its between a plastic log at Disney World or between the sheets in your bed. Yet if there is a chance your flume can get swallowed up by a Kraken track and get dragged down to Davy Jones' locker, that thrill makes the hour-long wait worth it. Disney can even throw a bunch of cameras up around the mountain so you can buy a souvenir collector's photo of you screaming as you are thrown into your super duper chlorinated watery grave along with a pair of dry clothes with Donald Duck's face on it being sold next door for twice the suggested retail price.