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Joe Rogan Had Himself A Celestial Sit In The Sauna Last Night

Some people sit in the sauna and think about what they're gonna eat when they get out. Some people just think about their day. Some close their eyes and try to decompress. Last night, we found out that Joe Rogan sits in the sauna and does breathing exercises that help him envision raids, battles, and massacres from the 1800's. Seriously.

Don't get me wrong - the whole "love and understanding" sentiment here is great - I love it myself, and wish more people thought like that (as lame as it may sound) but I am absolutely DYING picturing Joe sittin in the sauna last night, sweaty as fuck, and eventually having to remove his AirPods when "insane depictions of struggle and tragedy, all of it taking place from around 180 years ago to the late 1900’s" overwhelmed him. Like - what the fuck are we even talking about?! What?!?! 

Only Joe Rogan. I love it. Branded JRE saunas coming soon, I hope.