This Will Get You Hyped For The First Major Championship In 13 Months

Honestly, it feels like we need a pick me up. It's Monday of the first major championship in over a year yet everyone's sitting around the table yawning, checking their watches and milking their beers for the 45th sip. It's like we've been stuck for months in that terrible point in the night when you really need your one obnoxious friend to do his thing and order a round of red bull vodkas and a shot of fireball to get everyone back into the game.

For me, I think this video is that.

I now feel the feelings. I now have awoken from a quarantine hibernation and entered PGA Championship week. The best players in the world from Tiger Woods to Justin Thomas to Brooks Koepka to Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Phil Mickelson, Bryson, DJ, and on will be sticking that peg in the ground come Thursday all with one goal: to add a major championship to their resumes. It's a MAJOR week!

Live From will be on Golf Channel every night.

Outfit scripting will be posted online.

Brooks Koepka will show up.

Rickie Fowler will not.* 

Scores will be higher.

It's a MAJOR week. Only now can we actually get something like this:

*Classic Rickiechot shot. Rickie's actually posted a lot of great major finishes, just hasn't won one yet. 

PS -- Tiger showed up early. If that doesn't get you excited then nothing will. Let's go.