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Ranking The Five Best Calls In Sports History (#1 May Shock You!)

Throughout the years, sports have given us a plethora of memorable, historic calls. Announcers rise to the occasion and give us a call that will be heard for years and years to come. In broadcasting school, you learn that announcers are basically supposed to act like a "soundtrack" for the game, similarly to a musical score in a movie. Here are, in my opinion but also just factually, the five best calls in sports history. 

5. "The Giants Win The Pennant! The Giants Win The Pennant!" - Russ Hodges, 1951

Sometimes the simplest calls are the best. After Bobby Thomson's walk-off homer, Russ Hodges was just absolutely elated and repeatedly shouted "The Giants Win The Pennant!" It's remembered almost 70 years later for a reason. 

4. American Pharoah Wins The Triple Crown - Larry Collmus, 2015

I blog about this call every year on Belmont because I love it that much. It's extremely underrated, but that stretch run call from Larry Collmus is incredible and was perfect for one of the biggest moments to happen in sports recently. Guaranteed goosebumps. 

3. "Down Goes Frazier!" - Howard Cosell, 1973

The call has become a part of our everyday vocabulary. It's not uncommon to hear someone say "Down goes Frazier!" after a person simply falls or trips. Once again, sometimes the simplest calls work the best. 

2. "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" - Al Michaels, 1980

Not only a great moment for sports, but a great moment for our country. Al Michaels had the perfect calls when the underdog Americans took down the big, bad Russians. The call has since been referenced in multiple movies about the team, "Do You Believe In Miracles?" (1997) and Miracle (2004). 

1. "Tiger Woods. LeBron James. Michael Jordan. Aaron Judge." - Alex Rodriguez, 2020

Our #1 call on the list happened just last night on Sunday Night Baseball, courtesy of our co-worker Alex Rodriguez. Aaron Judge hit his second home run of the night to give the Yankees a 9-7 lead over the Red Sox. As Judge entered the dugout and Matt Vasgersian finished his call, A-Rod gave us a moment we'll never forget when he started naming great athletes. "Tiger Woods. LeBron James. Michael Jordan. Aaron Judge. Wow!" 

Critics are saying that there is seemingly no particular rhyme or reason to this list. It's not in chronological order. There's a golfer, two basketball players, and a baseball player. One could argue they share absolutely nothing in common besides being great athletes. But that's the beauty of this call. It's like a piece of art. People can find the beauty in it in their own ways. It makes you wonder. It makes you think. It makes you feel. And that's why it's such a masterpiece.