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RA's Gambling Corner: NHL Unders Have Gone 20-2 Since Games Returned

Those numbers are just absolutely bananalands. After all 12 exhibition games went under, 8 out of 10 games over the weekend followed suit. Only CHI/EDM (10 goals) and ARI/NAS (7 goals) busted their totals. Teams are playing hard but offenses aren't quite in sync and power plays are rusty. Also, goalies look much sharper than skaters right now. This trend may eventually change but right now, I don't see how you lay off playing unders when it's clicking at this rate and we're still getting 5.5s and 6s (I don't touch UND 5 because once a game gets to 2-2, you can't win).

Today, we're starting with UNDER 5.5 in NYR/CAR and UNDER 6 in WAS/TBL.

Life's too short to not make fucking money, I'll tell you that for free.