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Don't You Dare Joke That Bill Russell Is Dead Or He Will Dunk On You On Twitter

The GOAT strikes again. Even if this is technically his wife pushing the buttons, Bill is still sharp as a knife and might just have the best Twitter game on the entire internet. This is a man that is always on the lookout for someone either slandering his name or in this case, joking that he's in heaven. I'll admit, yesterday was a weird day for Celts fans on Twitter. One minute you look and see Larry Bird is trending and your heart stops thinking the worst. Either he tragically passed or he said something that caused him to get cancelled. Then you learn it's because he's a tomato and you breathe a sigh of relief

and then we had this poster by Russell. Honestly I don't even need anyone making a joke about Bill not being with us. That is not the type of energy I need in the universe right now. He or at the very least someone in his circle clearly searches his name on Twitter and with almost anyone else I would think that's lame but with Russell I love it. This isn't the first body he's caught on Twitter either, remember a few months ago when he buried Perk?

 A true king. It makes sense that the greatest winner in the history of sports would also dominate Twitter. 

Bill Russell wins at whatever he does, even in 2020. It's remarkable really. My parents can't even figure out how to text and Russell is out here being an internet sensation. The legend continues to grow. 

But seriously, don't joke about Bill Russell not being alive. We need to protect him at all costs in every way possible