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We Need More Pit Crew Highlights And We Need Them Now

One of the moments in life when I feel most accomplished about myself is when the chain on my bike pops off and I'm able to fix it on the first try. It might take a minute or two to get myself back up and running, but at least I wasn't down there fumbling around with a greasy chain for as long as it would take to watch a full episode of Workaholics on Hulu with ads. It's a 15-year-old single speed beach cruiser so the chain pops off all the time. And even with all of my experience, I'd say my best time would be like 55 seconds and that could easily just be me overestimating myself. 

Meanwhile, these sick puppies just changed all 4 tires on back-to-back cars in like 10 seconds. And sure, there may be 17 of them working on a car at once. But that almost makes it harder I feel like. Because if just one person out of the 17 on that car fuck up their job, it fucks up the whole thing. They all have to be dialed. Not a single mistake. Even if each guy only has part of 1 job to worry about, you gotta do that job to perfection and you have like a 3 second window to do it in. 

All I'm saying is that the drivers are like the quarterbacks here. They're the ones who always get talked about. They're the ones who get the jersey sales, the fame, the highlights. But the pit crew? The pit crew are the linemen who grind their asses off in the trenches. And linemen deserve highlights, too.