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Wake Up With Splashdown of the SpaceX Capsule

Oh, right. Doug and Bob. The Dragon capsule. Remember them? While were distracted by getting sports back they were still on the Space Station doing space things with their astronaut friends.

While I’ll concede that it’s not as dramatic as a liftoff, and that launching men into space on a roaring column of hot, flaming rocket fuel inertia, splashdown still matters. I mean, anyone can blast guys into orbit. It’s getting them back down alive that’s the trick. Fail to do that and it’s like acing your assignments all semester and then taking a zero on the final. It sort of renders all the other work you put in moot.

So watch this and take it as a reminder not everything this year has been a total goatfuck. And remember that in 1969, the Hong Kong Flu killed four million people worldwide, Vietnam was tearing the country apart, there were massive demonstrations, civil unrest, riots and Woodstock. And we still managed to put human beings on the moon and then return them safely to Earth. Elon Musk pulled this off to perfection, so maybe we’ll get through the rest of this as well.