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Update: No Players Have Been Cut By Washington State, One Player Has Opted Out For Health Reasons

Earlier today, I blogged the story above. 

We have an update on the story: 

Unsurprisingly, we have a little bit of a he-said, she-said situation. According to reporter #1 (Theo Lawson), he spoke to Kassidy Woods father who said that his son was told to clean out his locker. According to reporter #2 (Jon Wilner), Kassidy Woods chose to opt-out for health reasons. So, who is right? They could technically both be right. Kassidy Woods father may have told Theo Lawson that Woods was told to clean out his locker after he opted out of the 2020 season. Did he opt out by telling the team? Or did he do so with the graphic? I'd bet more on the first scenario because others have not been told to clean out their locker that also shared the graphic.

There's a few things that could've happened here. Woods father may have not understood the situation clearly. Woods may have not told his father the full story. There could be some sensationalizing being done by Theo Lawson. Woods father may have said he was told to clean out his locker, but that was after Woods father mentioned that his son opted out. 

Now, the question remains whether or not these players in the Pac-12 do hold out. 

P.s. Kassidy Woods is a 3-star WR out of Texas. He caught six passes for 58 yards last year and was slotted to be a redshirt-sophomore this year.