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Wake Up With Randy Johnson Hitting The Only Home Run Of His HOF Career

I'll start this blog off by saying I wasn't really a fan of pitchers hitting. 99.9% of the time it sucked. Obviously Bartolo, MadBum, Carlos Zombrano and those guys were able to get ahold of some pitches, but not every pitcher could. Gun to my head I would have said Randy Johnson had 0 career bombs, but low and behold, the Big Unit has 1 under his belt. 1 single home run. It wasn't a cheap one either, he put a charge into it and launched it into the bullpen in Milwaukee. Super impressive for a guy built like a bird. What's even more impressive is that I looked up his numbers and he had 78 career hits. 78! Again, I would have said maybe 20 hits, MAYBE. I really don't know whats a bigger achievement, his 1 homer or the 78 hits.