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This Weekend Completely Changed The Way We Look At This Upcoming Season In College Hoops (The Season Is Happening, So Shut Up)

You get the point here right? Next year in college hoops is going to be fucking awesome. Look at all these names coming back that were announced this weekend and that still doesn't include Mamu (Seton Hall), Matt Mitchell (San Diego State) and Jalen Crutcher (Dayton) or Isaiah Joe (Arkansas). It's simply going to be an outrageous year. 

This is what college hoops needed though. Honestly, it's a bit surprising that so many guys decided to come back - really the only one this weekend that kept his name in the draft was Xavier Tillman. When you put the uncertainty of college sports this year vs the ability to get ad deals, agent money, etc., I assumed we'd see more fringe guys leaving and going to get paid - even if it was in Europe or whatever. But college hoops has its preseason NPOY (Luka Garza) back. It has a team now who I think is a consensus top-15 (Illinois). It has a team that might now be the No. 1 team in the preseason (Baylor or Gonzaga). What a fucking weekend for college hoops fans. 

I say it all the time - but positive vibes only when it comes to this season. I don't care if it's conference only. I don't care if it's normal. I don't care if it's without fans. Just give me a season. It's going to happen and we're going to get a hell of a year. For the first time in forever Kansas won't be the preseason pick in the Big 12. The Big 10 has a few title contenders - Illinois is my pick to win the conference. We have a consensus top-3 in Nova, Gonzaga and Baylor now. The SEC has gotten better again - and it still might since we're waiting to find out on some LSU guys. 

Let's just get to this season. We got a 5-star playing at Howard. We got a bunch of big time names in the college world back. We have top recruits across the country. This sport is so fucking awesome.