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Extremely Slow Motion Of Bryson DeChambeau THUMPING A Golf Ball Is Oddly Satisfying

I'll be honest, I've never seen a golf ball hit in slow motion like that so they might all look like that but I sincerely doubt it. On the broadcast I think they said that's 18,000 frames per second which, in my expert frames-per-second opinion, seems like a lot of frames per second. Couple that with it being Bryson 'The Incredible Hulk' DeChambeau swinging the club and you've got a pretty fucking awesome video. Like I said, I doubt a video of any of us hitting a golf ball would look anything like that. Bryson knocked some of the white off the ball he hit it so fucking hard. The lesson here is that EVERYTHING looks cooler in slow motion. Everything.

While you're here, here's a slow motion video of a bullet going through various objects