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The First Ever #CommonManCup Is Now LIVE

BOOM SHAKES BABY CAKES!  The next step to Barstool Sports, Gametime, and the HooliganZ taking over the gaming world is NIGH. This is the first ever subscriber tournament here at Barstool.  We have big plans in the works to make these massive. I, Smitty, shall be the commissioner of the tournament and Mrags (brought on through #TryoutTuesday, FYI) is the General Manager. Mrags will be taking charge in the discord, if you need help or have questions, he's your guy.  

These tournaments will be either weekly or bi-weekly (depending on schedule). The goal is to reward everyone who has supported us for the last 4 years and keep tuning in to the stream consistently.  We're going to create the beer league of Call of Duty Tournaments, it will be fun, competitive, community tournaments where people can be competitive, but it's not a sweat-fest. Don't worry if you're not super into Call of Duty Multiplayer or even COD, we'll be expanding to more games and formats soon.

Prizes: Eternal glory, Winners will automatically get invited back to tournaments, Play on stream with us the next week. Smitty will CashApp Beer/Soda money to the victors.  

Game/Mode: Call of Duty League Multiplayer Playlist, we're doing this in anticipation to the CDL Champs finals coming up in 3 weeks.  Domination/S&D/Hardcore.

SIGN UPS: Only one person from each team needs to submit through the form in the discord. If you do not have all 5 members of your team confirmed, do not submit through the form. If you're looking for people to fill out your team, go to the "Free Agents" channel in the discord: https://discord.gg/6GfY8Qw

SUBS: All 5 members of your team need to be subscribed to the Barstool Sports Twitch channel (twitch.tv/barstoolsports) or the PMT channel (twitch.tv/pardonmytake), your team will be disqualified if your players are not subscribed by Noon ET on Sunday. We will check.

Format: Single Elimination tournament. Semi-Finals and Finals matches will be broadcasted on the Barstool Sports channel. MragsTV will also be broadcasting

Rules: For in-depth rules and format, please go to the "Tournament FAQs" channel in our discord: https://discord.gg/UfMhgB4