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A Golfer On The European Tour Had To Take A Boat Out To An Island To Get To His Ball

First of all, amazing. What a hilarious little wrinkle to that golf course. That dude taking a little boat to a tiny island to hit his golf ball made me laugh out loud. For those wondering I'm pretty sure he mad bogey. Second, this gave me a great idea. Why not do this on 17 at TPC Sawgrass? Why not make it a true island and make golfers take a little boat out to the green? Either have a boat operator ready to take them to the green after they hit their tee shots or make the golfers operate the boat themselves. The second option is way funnier but I'd be okay with either scenario. Imagine the hilarious clips that would come out of that. Imagine Tiger Woods operating a little boat out to the island green? Hilarious. Sawgrass is obviously famous for its island green but it's not even really an island. The golfers just walk around to the back where it's all connected. Ummmmm pretty sure that's not how islands work.

Here's the dictionary definition of an island 

Here's what 17 at Sawgrass looks like 

Chris Condon. Getty Images.


NOT a true island. Might as well make it a true island and add yet another cool wrinkle to an already iconic hole. Do it.