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Arizona State Student Government Cancels The World Famous Undie Run (Which Donates 44,000 Pounds Of Clothes To The Homeless) Because It "Cheapens The Value of Their Degrees"

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State Press 4/27 – Since 2008, ASU students have been celebrating the end of spring semester classes by stripping down for charity. Even though students are taking off their clothes and showing off their underwear, the event, which would have happened Friday, is more about taking the edge off finals through service and body positivity. This year, due in part to a lack of funding by the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government, the celebrated ASU Undie Run, or ASU BB Run, as it had been rebranded, will not be occurring.

During a lengthy Tempe USG meeting, student government leaders decided they would not provide funding to support the event, stating that having a fun run of this nature hosted by student government makes light of the degrees student are earning.

“Having this party paid for by the University and seeing those photos on the Internet cheapens the value of our degrees,” Tempe USG President Cassidy Possehl said at the meeting. “We cannot continue to unethically represent students for community service benefit.”

At first glance, the BB Run may appear to promote the sexualization of students’ bodies. This snap judgement overlooks the charity work and body positivity the event promotes. The BB Run website boasts that 44,000 pounds of clothing have been donated to local shelters, like the ASU Student Veterans Association and Central Arizona Shelter Services. The run also allows ASU students to take control of their bodies and show they are comfortable in their own skin, rather than being defined and controlled by societal beauty standards. People have dedicated their lives to the fight for body positivity, and it’s a fight that in no way lessens the value of our degrees.

Big shocker here. A college campus cancels a fun, harmless, long-standing tradition because it’s not PC enough? Who saw that coming? Another day another example of the pussification of American colleges, and this one is 1,000 times worse than normal too because it directly affects local charities. This isn’t some random party where everyone just meets up to get shitfaced and act wild, it’s a run around campus that donated 44 THOUSAND POUNDS of clothes to homeless shelters. Students who are comfortable with their bodies participating in something fun and light hearted while giving their clothes to people who need it more than them. If having fun and positive body image and helping the needy “cheapens your degree” you gotta wonder if that degree is even worth having in the first place.

Plus this is Arizona State right? Last time I checked everyone there spends like 85% of their time in a bathing suit? I’ve seen at least 50 pool and beach party videos from ASU where everyone is wearing a LOT less clothes than bras and booty shorts. But hey, sorry poor homeless guy, no pants for you this year – we’ve got an image to maintain. Maybe just cover up your junk with your hands?