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Jaylen Brown Doesn't Seem Too Happy With The NBA's Officiating

I believe this is where I say 


Right? Well I have to be honest with you, after the initial chuckle upon seeing this post from Jaylen the more I think about it the more I hate it. This isn’t even to say what Jaylen is inferring here is incorrect. Giannis has about 9 fouls tonight and it was blatantly clear there was no chance the officials were going to give him that 6th. But that is in no way why the Celtics lost tonight. Frankly I'd rather Jaylen talk about the officiating all he wants with his teammates, but you gotta eat that shit publicly. Take responsibility for the loss and move on. The officials didn't make Jayson Tatum shoot 1-2000. They didn't force the Celts to foul a three point shooter on three separate occasions. And look, Boston took 29 FTs in the first half. They had their opportunities and missed FTs. Were things a little skewed and shady down the stretch? Sure, but welcome to playing Giannis. That's not news and it's not different from what we have to deal with when it comes to LeBron.

Now maybe Jaylen is frustrated based on his foul trouble tonight. Again, my issue is that it wasn't the ref's fault that Jaylen challenged a rebound 90 ft from the basket that he wasn't going to get and committed his 5th foul and had to sit for a long stretch. That's his fault. It's not the officials fault this team once again started terribly and got down 17-2. They had every opportunity to win this game and didn't because they didn't execute late and MIL did. End of story.

So while I can enjoy the jab and have a little fun, it's still not what I want to see after the Celts played like shit for long stretches today. Talk like this in the locker room if you want, but yo can't take that to social media. Keep the mental focus and move onto Portland on Sunday. Something tells me Brad isn't going to be too thrilled either.