Woman Lights Man's Car On Fire At A Gas Station After Being Denied A Cigarette



(Source)Police from Jerusalem’s Moriah precinct arrested a woman on suspicion of setting a fire at a gas station on Bethlehem Road Tuesday. Security camera footage shows the woman approaching a man who was fueling his car. She apparently asked him for a cigarette, and he refused. She then pulled out a lighter and put the flame next to the fueling nozzle, causing an immediate fire. The car owner had enough presence of mind to pull the nozzle out of the car, possibly preventing the fire from spreading into the gas pump and causing a huge explosion. 





This shit absolutely terrifies me. Every morning to get to the office I need to get on 93 south, which means I need to wait at the corner of Mass Ave and Melnea Cass, which means I have 15 crackheads ask me for money. And every single morning I’m convinced it will be the last time I ever roll up my window, lock my door and wave them on while I give a disgusted look. I’m totally convinced that one day one of them will snap and light my car on fire, or break my window. I’m like that with every homeless person. I don’t even blame them, there are only so many times you can get totally ignored before you lose your fucking mind. This lady’s happened to come when she needed her nicotine fix and a gentleman had extremely flammable liquids in the palm of his hand. I’m going to start carrying around tons of change, like Kramer, and just hope that’s enough to buy my life every time I walk by a bum. “Sorry I don’t have any Marlboros but here’s 75 cents, please don’t light me on fire.”