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Conor McGregor Fires Off "I Accept" Tweet In Tagalog (Filipino), Possibly Hinting At Manny Pacquiao Matchup

Conor McGregor just fired off his second "I accept" tweet in two days, this time written in tagalog, a language native to the Philippines. 

This could obviously be hinting at a bout with Manny Pacquiao - something Conor has hinted at a few times recently - and something I wrote a loooooong ass blog about recently.....

....but who knows with him at this point?!

My thoughts on this potential matchup are pretty much exactly the same as they were then, so I'd recommend you give that a read if you're further interested. For now, though, I wouldn't get too excited, bummed, or jazzed up in any direction. This is like the 6th or 7th "I accept" tweet we've seen from him this year. I'll believe he's back when I see it.