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"Take Me Out To The Ballgame" Takes Us Into The Weekend And Into The 7th Inning Of The Baseball Season

Based on everything in the news and some rudimentary math, I believe we may officially be hitting the 7/9ths mark of the baseball season tonight. This may not be the case for the Marlins, the Phillies, and a few more teams...or any of the teams if covid stops spreading like mustard in baseball and we get a full 60 game season. But I am going to play the timeless melody just in case this weekend we get the last licks of Major League Baseball in 2020 and I think I speak for most Mets fans if this season disappears into the ether.

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I swear to god if Goodell fucks up the NFL season after seeing Rob Manfred bungle baseball I am going to be so pissed. Completely unsurprised but still pissed.