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Pac-12 Unveils Football Schedule, Includes USC-UCLA, Other Rivalries Week 1

With its 10-game schedule set to begin on September 26, the Pac-12 apparently wants to start things out with a bang. The league released its 2020 schedule Friday, which includes some marquee rivalry matchups in Week 1, including USC-UCLA, Arizona-Arizona State and Stanford-Washington.

I absolutely love this idea. It's what we all deserve. After the worst offseason of all-time, we should all get a Week 1 to remember. Can you imagine if every conference did this to start the season? The SEC is also slated to start on September 26, so that weekend you could have the Iron Bowl, Egg Bowl and World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in addition to the Pac-12 matchups.

The ACC is scheduled to begin September 7, so that weekend could give us Virginia-Virginia Tech, Miami-Florida State and Clemson-Georgia Tech. And as of now, the Big 12 is still slated to kick things off August 29, though it has not announced a change to its schedule like the other leagues have.

This is the first great decision I can ever remember the Pac-12 making. It's usually busy figuring out what channels it can put its games on that nobody can find, but this schedule is a win for everybody involved. And if the other conferences don't follow suit, it's an even bigger feather in the Pac-12's cap for having such great games in Week 1 — though any SEC matchups will be great and bring in huge audiences.

For once, the other Power Five conferences should take a page out of the Pac-12's book.