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How Can You Not Love Adam Sandler?


Adam Sandler is an icon, a legend, and god damn adorable. What a hero. An absolute hero. He has everyone deep in their feelings on a Friday afternoon in July because he just wanted the world to know how much he loves his wife. I believe that is, as the kids call it, GOALS. Fucking GOALS! 

Honestly though, I thought that Twitter post was just delightful. The more I think about it, you never really hear anything bad about the Sand Man, unless you count the Grown Ups movies, but who wouldn't want to take a vacation with your best friends for a few months to "shoot a movie"? Makes him even more of a legend. 

What a happy thing to see on Twitter. And it's great because he's so universally loved. Whenever the game "who would you want at your dream dinner party" he's always overlooked, but boy, I cannot think of someone with more stories but also so much humility. And huge basketball shorts too. What a gem. Maybe I'll start doing more Adam Sandler appreciation blogs. I love this guy.