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"There's An Ant. Nah I'm Just Kidding"- Brooks Koepka's Trolling Of Bryson DeChambeau Continues

Flashback to Bryson yesterday 

Then Brooks today

Brooks Koepka is a funny guy man. He just is. He's a funny guy and the only thing he loves more than winning majors is trolling Bryson DeChambeau. He can't stop doing it. To be fair, Bryson makes himself a super easy target with all of the ridiculous shit he does on a regular basis but Brooks loves to troll him. Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane of all the times Brooks has trolled Bryson.

Brooks trolled Bryson with this tweet after Bryson said Brooks didn't have a six pack 

Brooks trolled Bryson after Bryson got into it with a cameraman 

And now Brooks is trolling Bryson in Memphis after the whole fire ants things yesterday with a rules official. That's funny stuff. I hope Brooks never stops trolling Bryson. It's good clean fun that I could see ending in a driving range brawl because behind closed doors Bryson FOR SURE takes those jabs from Brooks very very seriously. But for now it's just harmless internet trolling.