Longtime Toolies: Unboxed My New SawStop Table Saw AND the DeWalt Table Saw Winner Is...

Hello there pals. BIG day in the ol Toolie world. I was finally able to break out my brand new SawStop table saw and make my first cut on a table saw. 

Table saws are one of the more dangerous tools out there. The blades spin at about 3,500 RPM and eat hardwoods, so you stick a nice soft hand into one and buddy you better hope it's not your five knuckle shuffle all-star. Thankfully somebody sent me a fancy SawStop, I don't know who did it, but if you're reading this you probably saved at least one of my fingers and countless hours of pleasure. 

These SawStop saws have a brake on them that if a circuit is completed they shoot the fuckin blade right down into the hole (heh). They test them with hot dogs, not delicious Feltman's of Coney Island hot dogs, but inferior dogs that deserve to be table saw test dummies. There's a clip in the video of it working and it's incredible. 

Lots of haters out there said it would take me HOURS to get this thing unboxed and make my first cut. Well suck it nerds, it didn't even take an hour. If you guessed closest to the time, you won my brand new DeWalt table saw. Watch the video and if you're the winner, DM me on Twitter or IG and I'll ship it.

If you don't believe the time, watch the complete version on our YouTube channel and issue a sincere apology for questioning my integrity.

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