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George Kittle Helps Big Cat Cope With Blowing His Mario Party Four-Star Lead During Yesterday's Grit Stream

To send you into the weekend, Pardon My Take wrapped up Grit Week 2020 with recurring guest George Kittle. The San Francisco 49ers TE hopped on the show to discuss the upcoming season, the Super Bowl, and, of course, Grit. As a big Stoolie/AWL, Kittle tuned into the Grit Stream and was there to help out Big Cat after a shocking Mario Party loss at 4:30 in the morning. 

George Kittle: Your 24-hour stream was pretty incredible. It was a wild ride.

Mr. Commenter: It was. What was your favorite part?

George Kittle: You [Big Cat] running out of buns was kind of brutal with all of those hot dogs. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, at one point I looked down on the ground, and there were just buns everywhere. It was basically just a sleepover and we just started throwing shit.

Mr. Commenter: The room became a trash can. 


George Kittle: Yeah, and you blew a four-star lead? I just saw that on Twitter. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, in Mario Party, dude. You don't have to bring that up. That's fucked up.

George Kittle: Do you want to talk about it? 

Mr. Cat: It was crazy. Honestly, if you played that game 100 times, the way that things went down, it wasn't right, it wasn't fair, and then I had to run another mile with 17 hot dogs in my belly.

Mr. Commenter: I felt bad watching Big Cat run, but I wasn't going to stop it. 

Mr. Cat: No, it sucked, man. You know what also sucked......?

George Kittle: What?

Mr. Cat: Losing the Super Bowl. I was going to say, are you over it?

George Kittle: Ehhhhh... I think it's always going to suck. 

Mr. Cat: That was a good segue, right? 

George Kittle: That was going. About the same level of competition [as Mario Party], so I get it. Yeah, I think it's always going to suck, but I'm good with it at this point. 

Mr. Cat: Listen, I think I can relate. I had a loss like that, four-star lead in Mario Party, no big deal. 

This portion of the Grit Stream was a humongous win for those who love to see Rage Cat in his purest form. This was the most shocking loss I have ever seen in Mario Party history, and the way it all unfolded was truly unbelievable. But when Bowser shows up on your screen, something bad is bound to happen.