Italian Soccer Fans Left A Goddamn Severed Pig Head At Their Clubs Facility To Show How Pissed They Were The Club Got Relegated

Jesus Christ SPAL fans, take it down a notch. Don't get me wrong, you can be pissed and you can bitch and moan but the moment you start leaving pig heads at a facility, you're going overboard. Call me crazy, but that's the line in the sand I draw for being a bit too much of a fan. Like just imagine sitting at the bar and coming up with this plan with your other wild ass fans. The sad thing is the person who had to put the pig head there, you know 100% WANTED to do it. It wasn't a lost bet or short straw or any of that shit. They were like nope, this is my time to shine fellas. 

I've said it before, but this is just European soccer fans man. They make everyone in America look like pussies. Oh the 12th Man? Oh Harvey Updyke (RIPIP) killed some trees? Oh Raiders fans are intimidating? They have nothing on people like this. You finish last in the league and get relegated you're getting a goddamn severed pig head on the field. That simply doesn't happen here. Here it's a stern tweet with a bunch of cuss words and maybe a gif. 

Maybe just take it down a notch fellas. I'm all for being a lunatic fan, but let's not be leaving pig heads at facilities. That's just me though.