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Florida Friday: Man Buys Porsche 911 With Check Printed From His Home Computer

Having been born in 1997 and with the advent of modern financial technology, I have never used a check to purchase anything. But I guess I just assumed it was more difficult to forge than this.

Florida man Casey Kelly simply walked into the Destin, Fla. Porsche dealership with a check for $139,203.05 and walked out with a brand new Porsche 911. The only problem? The check was printed out from his home computer.

Maybe this is me advertising my ignorance, but you're telling me that Porsche is just doling out $140,000 cars with no way to verify if a check is real?! I mean, I get it, they're paper but there's not any sort of check-checking machine or something? It seems like this sort of thing would happen more often. You're buying a car; just drive far away.

Unfortunately for Kelly, the Porsche people did eventually figure out the check was fake and he was arrested Wednesday on charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle and uttering a false bank note.

However, he was not arrested before trying his chicanery again a jeweler in Miramar Beach in an attempt to purchase three Rolexes.

NWF Daily News — The next day, Kelley presented a check in the amount of $61,521 to a jeweler in Miramar Beach in an attempt to purchase three Rolex watches, the report said.

However, the jeweler kept the watches until it could be determined if the check would cash. Thursday, it was reported to WCSO that the check was a fake.

If there's any silver lining for Kelly, he sounds like a guy who will find a way to do alright in jail.