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Video Editor Jack Elliott Is Leaving Barstool, Here Are His Top 10 Videos

Last week one of our great video editors Jack Parker Elliott stepped down from his position at Barstool. Nothing happened or anything, but he wanted to wander the country and sow his wild oats and who are we to stop him? This is especially pertinent because Caleb and I brought him in as an intern and he flourished into editing the most viewed videos on Barstool's YouTube channel, traveling the country as a Storm Chaser and generally raising the bar for Barstool content standards.

Across the board we could probably do a better job of giving credit to editors and producers who make the classics we love. The video at the start of the blog, for example, was Jack's first video he edited at Barstool and it wound up getting a cop fired. Where else can you make that kind of impact? 

So without further ado, some of his best work at Barstool.

He was behind a lot of Caleb's classics, including this one that passed a Jen Seltzer workout video as the most viewed video on our YouTube. 

He also put in work editing the first half of Barstool Outdoors' second season.

Some more classic Caleb videos. 

He was also worked on Trysta's series "Stool Slang", flexing in a different kind of edit.

And some more Caleb masterpieces to round it out. We'll miss Jack, but you can follow along at @jackparkerelliott on IG and @JackPElliott on Twitter.