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Every Trivia Question Ever Asked (Over 700) From The Dozen's First 30 Matches

(what a ridiculous picture)

I have been asked by a ton of fans of The Dozen to publish a list of all of the questions we have used on the show, so I figured why not just dump them into a Google Sheet after our 30th match.

First of all, here was yesterday's match…


There are over 700 trivia questions below. If there are typos or inaccuracies, I forgot to fix them, please don't yell at me. There are also some questions removed from bonus rounds, rounds where you can't Google a picture to match with the question (basically just the Celebrity Mashups category), and a few more in between. Enjoy…

CLICK HERE for the full sheet

Next week we will be moving The Dozen: Trivia Competition to 10|9c on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with the addition of The Dozen: Trivia Radio at 11|10c every day on SiriusXM Barstool Radio.

The plus side? The matches will now post online immediately after the live-airing ends.

Next week we have the fourth rematch between Brandon & PFT vs. KB, Nick, & Frank the Tank, as well as a battle with first-timers Biz, Whit, & RA from Spittin Chiclets.

Here is where Brandon & PFT stand as a team:
Match 001: vs. Marty Mush, Eddie, Billy (W, 12-9)
Match 002: vs. Smitty, Tommy, Will (L, 9-11)
Match 003: vs. Tommy Smokes, Will (L, 5-16)

Match 004: vs. KB, Nick, Pat -(W, 11-6)
Match 005: vs. Coley, Trill Withers, Tyler (W, 9-7)
Match 006: vs. Ellie, Glenny, Ramsey (L, 5-11)
Match 007: vs. Big Cat, Rone, Joey M. (L, 7-11)

Match 008: vs. WS Dave, Carl, Chief (W, 10-9)
Match 009: vs. Nate, Trent, Fran (W, 10-9)

Match 010: vs. WS Dave, Carl, Chief (L, 8-10)
Match 011: vs. WS Dave, Carl, Chief (L, 7-10)
Match 012: vs. Frank the Tank, KB, Nick (W, 13-8)
Match 013: vs. Trillballins, KenJac, Donnie (L, 6-11)
Match 014: vs. Feits, Kayce, Bob Fox (W, 12-5)
Match 015vs. Large, Zah, Cheah (W, 11-9)
Match 016vs. Eddie, Rico, Clem (W, 10-9)
Match 017vs. Kate, Pat, Jake Marsh (W, 12-4)
Match 018vs. Smokes, Hubbs, Frankie (W, 16-2)
Match 019vs. Chaps, Kate, Cons (W, 9-4)
Match 020: vs. Coley, Trill Withers, Glenny (L, 8-9)
Match 021: vs. Frank the Tank, KB, Nick (L, 8-14)
Match 022: vsBilly, Rone, Jake (L, 6-9)
Match 023vs. Smitty, Glenny, Nate (W, 14-7)
Match 024vs. WS Dave, Carl, Chief (W, 11-10)
Match 025vs. Big Cat, Rone, Cheah (L, 9-16) 
Match 026vs. Frank the Tank, KB, Nick (L, 7-11) 
Match 027vs. KFC, Joey, Trysta (W, 16-7) 
Match 028vs. Eddie, Rico, Clem (W, 9-6)
Match 029vs. Coley, Robbie, Jared (W, 12-5)

See you next week! It should be a fun one.