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Bryson DeChambeau Says He's Aiming To Live To Be 130 Or 140 Years Old

INSIDER- Just as Bryson DeChambeau has been working hard to add extra yards to his drive, the 26-year-old golfer also wants to add extra years to his life. 64 to be exact.

"My goal is to live to 130 or 140," the American told GQ Magazine. The average life expectancy for a man in the US is around 76 years, so if DeChambeau did that he would outlive his life expectancy by 64 years.

"I really think that's possible now with today's technology. I think somebody's going to do it in the next 30 or 40 years. I want humans to be better. I want them to succeed," he said in the articletitled "The Real Life Diet of Bryson DeChambeau, Who Bulked Up to Boom Long Drives."


Amazing. That's truly and incredible quote from Bryson. It's probably not a compliment to Bryson to say he quoted Ricky Bobby almost word for word but it made me laugh a lot. In terms of human beings being able to live much longer lives, Bryson DeChambeau and Ricky Bobby are on the exact same page. Hey why not? With advances in modern science and Bryson's high level of income who's to say he can't live to be 130 and 140 years old? Maybe Bryson is just ahead of the curve and one day when our kids are all living to be 175 years old we'll look back at that quote in a different way. However, right now it seems like one of the more ridiculous things I've ever read in the written word.

I will say, it's hilarious to me that Bryson thinks that since he's somewhat cracked the code on becoming a better professional golfer that now the next thing is for someone to figure out how humans can live twice as long as they do now. What a gigantic leap! Lemme be clear, Bryson's not saying he's gonna be the one who discovers what it takes to live to be 150 years old, but he is kinda saying that someone with his level of curiosity will be the one to do it. Listen, Bryson just wants humans to be better. He wants humans to succeed. Hard to argue with that I guess.

Justin Thomas, like the rest of us, doesn't know what the fuck Bryson is talking about 

That tweet perfectly sums up the Bryson DeChambeau Experience.