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Mom Beating Down A Chick In A Parking Lot In Front Of Her Husband And Kids Is An Unstoppable Force


I know what you’re probably thinking after watching this but I’m going to choose to focus on the positives here. Namely that this woman is a handful and a half but, more than anything, I love how supportive her husband is. Say what you will about how this is an unnecessary overreaction and an awful influence on the kids (and you’d be right) but I hope that one day we can all find love so pure that we would carry a toddler around and do crowd control so your wife can beat the shit out of a chick over something completely idiotic. That’s true love if I’ve ever seen it in a video with 100s of punches thrown with people shouting “WORLDSTAR!”


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.47.43 AM

You also have to respect the wrestling heel move of picking the other chick up just to beat her some more. I’m surprised she didn’t go full King Kong Bundy and take her down and demand a five count instead of the usual three. Showmanship for days.