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I Have Some Really Bad News For 29 MLB Organizations For The Next Six Years

So yeah, anyone living on planet Earth for the past week has known that the Indians starting pitching has been absolutely DOMINANT. Every single night. Every single one of them have gone 6+ innings and given a quality start. Even our two losses came from a pitcher going 8 scoreless before the should be EX-closer ruined it, and then the other giving up 2 in the first, then holding them scoreless the rest of the game until the Little League extra innings rule came into play. Here's some averages per start for you:

IP: 6.71

ERA: 1.53

Ks: 9.57

Oh, and they're doing it all for a full year salary of $2,777,283. The Indians got rid of Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer and came back even better? How is that even possible? Cleveland is "Pitchers U" of Major League Baseball. They churn out more elite pitching than the Amish churn out butter. Think about how many dominant guys we've had and then lost over the years. CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Kluber, Bauer....the list goes on and on. It sucks we can never keep them though. Until now. That's the scary thing. Usually when the Indians have a good player, we get them for a couple years and then can't pay them. This group.....this rotation is so young that we're likely going to have a stranglehold over the league for the next 5-6 years. I mean, look at this!

Even if we can't afford them, they're ours until 2026! Shane Bieber will have 5 Cy Youngs by then. I mean, if the Cy Young Award was like the Heisman and you had to get invited to NYC to win, wouldn't the Indians have all six candidates right now? People are struggling to get five starters with a pulse and we've got six Cy Young candidates! For pennies on the dollar, too! Just like how our owner likes it!

Which brings me to my next point: we HAVE to sign Lindor. A week ago I'd say I was 100% sure. Now seeing our starters I'm one million percent sure. Or $400,000,000% sure. This team has the arms for the we just need to lock down our future Hall of Fame shortstop.

Don't give me that BS that it's now time to trade Lindor either. I get that our future looks bright until 2026, so why not get something back for Frankie today to ensure we have prospects ready for those years to come? I'll tell you why that's a stupid idea: because our window is now AND then. Trading Francisco Lindor is a stupid idea. He's good. He's cool. And he's really good. I want someone like that on our team and so does the rest of Cleveland. PAY HIM HIS MONEY!!! Give him 6 years and a billion dollars. Major League Baseball will be all ours until at least 2026. Then we can reevaluate.