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Kawhi Talking Shit Right Back In LeBron's Face As He Complained And Whined To A Ref Was The Highlight Of The NBA Restart

Yeah, yeah, I know LeBron hit the game-winner and the Lakers won. It wasn't the playoffs, so it didn't really matter. The Lakers are locked into the 1 spot and the Clips are going to be the 2/3 seed. What I cared about is loving Kawhi even more. The dude is just fucking hilarious with everything he does because he's such a robot. And it's scenes like this that just make me love him even more. 

Great defense - of course, it's Kawhi. Forces the ball out and LeBron does LeBron things. Immediately starts complaining that Kawhi grabbed his hand and arm. Kawhi just quietly saying 'all ball' directly back in his face is the perfect Kawhi response. The only thing that would have been better is if he added his laugh in a bit. Imagine this psychotic laugh right in LeBron's face as he whined to a ref: 


And this is exactly why I said we need minimal fake fan noise. I'm not even anti-fake fan noise. I just want to hear these guys in all aspects of the game. I want to hear the shit talking but the nerd in me wants to hear the defensive rotations and talks, the offensive plays and just how they communicate. I still think if the NBA was smart they'd put this shit on a channel with no editing so we can hear the good stuff and then a kids channel for the losers out there that are offended by swearing.