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Thailand Has Some Really Awesome Bracelets For Sale Streetside

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.10.04 AM




Remember when WWJD bracelets were the rage as kids? Still don’t know how that trend caught on, but it was huge. Well here’s your 2015 hotness. Whenever you’re unsure about what your course of action should be, look down at your wrist and think “I Rape 24 hr.” Need some extra confidence to talk to a girl? Remember you’re at the bar to “Get Sloppy Cunt” because you “<3 Big Pussy.” It’s pretty fool proof, to be honest. I know when I was a young boy every time I almost sinned my bracelet would remind me to be better, now every time I forget to be an extremely crass racist I’ll have that extra push I need.




PS – If you’re looking for a woman to settle down and have kids with, get the “I <3 Little Girl” one. That way they know your intentions. Michael Scott taught me that.



h/t reddit