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I Am Going To Need Some Science Nerd To Explain To Me How This Grant Ament to Ryan Ambler Overtime Dagger Was Physically Possible

It's just No no no. In no world should THIS be possible. In overtime, no less! 


Grant Ament with the no look dish through the middle of the crease while running up the hash. Then Ryan Ambler with the cross-body handle while he's got so much traffic between him and the ball, then the plant, then the rip, then the dagger to move the Archers to 3-0. All of it is just so preposterously silly and as far as the laws of physics go, I just don't have the brain power to comprehend it I guess. So that's why I'm going to need to employ the help of one of you science dorks out there to explain this one to me. There is either a glitch in the simulation or this is an act of god. Nothing more, nothing less. 

What a game last night between Chrome and Archers, and it was well worth the 2-hour delay to the start time. Ohio State vs Michigan. Lakers vs Celtics. Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali. And now we can add Lacrosse vs Global Warming to the mix after some excessive heat in Utah knocked the power out in pretty much the entire Salt Lake City area. So the game was supposed to start at 9:30pm ET but since there was no power in the arena, they had to wait until 11:20 to get going. That's a big time win for global warming right there. 

But don't count lacrosse out of this rivalry just yet. Because just when you thought global warming took the decisive dub and you could finally go to bed "early" after the Archers went into halftime with an 8-3 lead, the Chrome come fighting right back. Then it was back and forth, snip snap snip snap. Just a beauty of a 2nd half with multiple lead changes. Massive, massive win for lacrosse against global warming here. And massive win for the Archers, which was largely thanks to a little guy by the name of Tom Schreiber.  

Final seconds of regulation. Down by 1. Captain America with the high sweep across the arc. Bang. That right there is the greatest lacrosse player on the planet, and we should all just be thankful to be living in the same time period as him. And then, of course, the overtime dagger. Let's watch it again just as a treat. 


Again, this is witchcraft and wizardry. But I've read through the PLL playbook front to back, and nowhere in the official rules have I seen anything strictly prohibiting wizardry from game play. So you have to allow it.