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Kevin Durant Spent Last Night Trying To Stir Shit Up With Andre Iguodala On Twitter After Iggy Got Into It With The Entire WNBA

I know this seems like an innocent tweet. Kevin Durant just out here saying Brandon Ingram is a different breed and calling him by his number. Perhaps even a common tweet. But, when you realize that Andre Iguodala got in a fight with pretty much the entire WNBA, it's a bit funnier by Durant. And yes, you don't have to ask, the reason Iggy fought the WNBA is about as dumb as you'd imagine. Here's the initial tweet by Iggy: 

I know, ruthless. Clearly you know what the fight was about right? Well, number 23 is Aerial Powers, who plays for the Mystics and was the former No. 5 overall pick. She uh did not see this as a 'nice' tweet to put it kindly: 

Shit even Justin Anderson chimed in! 

I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills. Could Iggy have looked up her name and spelled it out on Twitter? Sure. Absolutely. But it's 100% not uncommon to call an athlete by their damn number. Shit, it's a nickname for a bunch of guys across the world. Pretty sure Capt. Cons wants everyone to call him Nine just so he can talk about Army football. He's even complimenting her game! And if Powers was that pissed she could have addressed it a bit better, because I still have no idea why it's a diss to call someone by their number. I get if you're a bit upset that Iggy completely doubled down on his take too: 

So I give Kevin Durant credit. It's a funny tweet. I said it before but Durant can be funny on Twitter. When he's self-aware and self-deprecating I laugh. He's called himself a snake before. He'll chime in here and there with chirps like that. If he just acted like that he'd be beloved.