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The Pelicans Couldn't Even Fill Out Their Virtual Seats

There was a lot of chatter about the fan experience in the bubble, and this was the first time I saw virtual fans. I can't lie, it's weird as hell

Big thumbs down for me. Good job good effort but it's a no from me dawg. I can understand trying to make things seem normal but that just creeped me out like we were in some sort of Black Mirror episode or something. Not only that, but then we see this picture of virtual Pelicans fans and I don't know how you let this happen. Why am I more excited to see Zion than Pelicans fans? Do you want to make the playoffs or not? If I'm Adam Silver I am yelling at somebody. Thoughts and prayer with whoever is taking that call right now that poor bastard. The entire world is watching the return of the NBA and you're going to have empty seats? Woof. You either have those things packed or you don't show it at all. Makes you wonder if Zion should turn down his extension and find a fanbase that will appreciate him.

Doesn't help that the Jazz are up early on the Pels to add insult to injury but frankly I don't even think any Pelicans fans are watching