If I Hear One More SEC Fan Tell Me How Awesome Their Conference Is And Include Texas A&M In Their Reasoning I'm Going To Lose My Shit



Look, I’m a guy who will admit when I’m wrong. If I say something and it turned out to be incorrect I’ll own up to it. I won’t delete tweets or blog posts just to make myself look better. So yes, last week I said this.


Wrong. Dumb and wrong Big Cat. The top of the SEC yet again proved its dominance last night. But you know what is driving me fucking nuts today? Everyone saying how awesome the SEC is and then rattling off Bama, LSU, Texas A&M, and Florida. Hold the fuck on. It was literally 6 months ago that every SEC fan was saying how Texas A&M would get absolutely pummeled in the SEC. That they would be a bottom dweller for the next 5 years until their recruiting caught up. That a Big 12 team playing a full schedule in the big bad SEC had no chance. And now A&M is the number 2 reason the SEC is the best league in the country? Fuck that. If anything Texas A&M beating Bama and being the second best team in the conference actually proves that the SEC isn’t all that great. They’re essentially a Big 12 team. They officially accepted the league invitation 18 months ago. Not nearly enough time to recruit as an SEC school.


So yes, the SEC is the best conference, fine. But if an SEC fan is using Texas A&M as justification for their argument this morning you should tell them to take a fucking hike and learn how to not be a two faced rat. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, and you can’t tell me Texas A&M is going to get destroyed in the SEC then site them as another reason your conference is awesome.


Want to thank everyone for sending me that pic of Schefty last night. Not sure how he got a field pass but that’s pretty cool of him.