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Bryson DeChambeau Tried To Convince A Rules Official That He Should Get A Drop Because Fire Ants Were Putting Him In A Dangerous Situation


Holy smokes. And it's real! It's a real thing that just happened. Bryson tried to convince a rules official that he should get a drop because a bunch of fire ants put him in a dangerous situation. And you know what? I think I love it. At this point I've gone back and forth on Bryson more times than I can count but I think I love him now. He's so ridiculous on a regular basis that you can't not have an opinion about him and my opinion is currently favorable. I mean complaining about fire ants is such a PREPOSTEROUS claim that you almost have no choice but to respect it. First he had beef with a fence at Memorial and now he's beefing with fire ants in Memphis. What a goddamn world. 

Honestly we're getting to the point where the whole #brand dust up with the cameraman from a couple weeks ago might have been on purpose. Think about it. How could a guy who is so concerned about his #brand do so many outlandish things when cameras are clearly around? Makes no sense. Is Byrson DeChambeau the greatest actor of our time? Is he the Andy Kaufman of the golf world? He's clearly got me fucking confused but at the very least it's incredibly interesting and entertaining. I can't wait to see what inanimate object/burrowing animal Bryson gets mad at next.