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It Turns Out Guessing Is Harder Than Knowing What's Coming

The Houston Astros are 1/10th of the way through the MLB season and there have been some interesting results that may come as a surprise. First of all, in their rematch with the Dodgers from the 2018 World Series the Astros were swept. Bad. Even worse? Their big hitters dropped a good ole goose egg. How's 0 for 28 sound? Not great Bob!

YIKES. Dodgers color commentator Orel Hershiser chimed in to share his thoughts last night. These kind of snarky comments continued through out both games and I was all for them. Him and Joe Davis were having some fun and hell why not? 

He's got a point you know? Go 2+ years have a cheat code in your system so you don't have to guess what an MLB pitcher is throwing to you and then all of a sudden have that switched off? I imagine that can't be easy. These poor guys have to go through one hell of an adjustment period. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during these tough times. 

Some more fun gold nuggets while I have you here. 

Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve are each hitting .172 through six contests. George Springer is somehow even worse at a .048 clip. The only two guys hitting for them are Brantley (who wasn't part of the 2017 team and we know can hit regardless) and Correa who is likely wearing a microchip under his skin to tell him when a curve is coming. 

I said it'd be fun if any of these guys started out slow so we can be suspicious, but most of them look completely lost at the plate. You would think the alleviated pressure of no fans would be a gift from the heavens for these guys, but maybe they just stink? 

Would be a real shame if Bregman and Aluve hit below the mendoza line all year long. A real shame.